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Parking Lot Curbs and Sidewalks

/Parking Lot Curbs and Sidewalks

New Sidewalk Materials

Designing and building new sidewalks comes down to the materials. Buchheit Construction is an expert in the concrete industry, and we know just what kind of concrete or brick needs to be used for your new sidewalk. We have years of experience in the field and can help you choose the most aesthetically pleasing, and [...]

Sidewalk Design and Construction

If you need a new sidewalk, the design and construction are the most critical elements to it's function. Buchheit Construction has a team of design experts standing by to make sure your sidewalk looks stunning. Combine that with our professional concrete experts, and you have the makings of a spectacular sidewalk.

Cracked Curb Repair

The structural integrity of a curb is extremely important to its function. Cracked or chipped curbs should be repaired immediately, to prevent further damage to the curb and any surrounding concrete.

Broken Curb Repair

Curbs are important concrete structures that keep sidewalks and roads from breaking apart at the edges. Sometimes, however, the curbs themselves are in need of repair. Buchheit Construction's team of experts are professionals when it comes to curb repair, and we make sure the job is done right.

Zig-Zag curb install

Customer wanted a unique look to their parking lot, while adding defined parking spaces.  The solution was a zig-zag curb install and new asphalt installation.

Restaurant Curb and Sidewalk Expansion


This parking lot needed to be expanded to accomodate more customers.  Installation of new cubs and sidewalks follow by asphalt paving.