repair and maintenance of parking lots

Repair and Maintenance

With Buchheit Parking Lot Repair, you receive expert technicians with all the necessary tools to handle even the most challenging parking lot layouts, REGARDLESS of size. We cover every aspect of parking lot repair and maintenance from pothole fills to pavement replacing and scaping. 

Construction and installation of Wheel Chair Ramps and ADA compliance

ADA / Wheelchair Ramps

Buchheit Parking Lot Repair’s professional construction workers can help you meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Missouri Accessibility Standards. Let us help to make sure your company is compliant with all handicap accessibility laws and building codes to insure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of your business.

Professional striping and finishing of your parking lot

Striping and Finishing

A well marked parking lot is an important part of any businesses success. Our team of certified pros regularly handle striping and finishing jobs and come equipped to handle any size asphalt striping job using the most modern airless spray equipment available. A newly striped parking lot puts the finishing touches on any paving or seal-coating project and is essential to overall parking lot appearance. 

Buchheit Parking Lot Repair – Premier St. Louis Parking Lot Repair Contractors

With over hundreds of parking lots fixed, Buchheit Construction is the right choice for you! Simply put, we are the best parking lot contractor in the St. Louis Area.

Installation of parking stops and bumpers

Stops and Bumpers

Parking block and bumpers are very useful in enhancing the safety of cars and people. They serve as barriers that alert drivers to the fact that they are about to cause damage to a building or other cars. Bumpers slow the advancement of on-coming vehicle traffic, making it safe for pedestrians. Give Buchheit Construction a call for all of your parking lot repair or installation needs.

Parking Lot Curb Repair and Installation

Curb  & Sidewalk Repair

Sidewalks and curbs tend to take a considerable amount of pounding throughout the years. Sidewalks are constantly walked on and curbs are routine destinations for car bumpers. This can bring down the overall appearance of a parking lot, in conjunction with cracked asphalt, can cause a your business to look unprofessional.

Complete parking lot removal and paving

Removal and Paving

Buchheit Parking Lot Repair offers reconstruction pavement options, including the removal and replacement of existing pavement, reclamation of the existing pavement, and full depth replacement. The application we recommend will be determined by the overall condition of the pavement and its underlying materials.

Complete Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance

Buchheit Construction is family owned and a trusted name that has been helping St. Louis Businesses build solid solutions. Providing service to both asphalt and concrete parking lot repair, Buchheit Construction can give you the professional solution your business needs.

  • Experts in ICC and St. Louis Building Codes for structural concrete
  • Experienced Concrete Contractor for over 35 years
  • Accurate On-Site Job Estimate of both concrete and asphalt work
  • Bonded and Insured in St. Louis City, County and Surrounding areas
  • Detailed Engineering and Construction from start to finish
  • Top customer satisfaction!
Clayton – 63105 St. Louis – 63109
University City – 63130 St. Louis – 63139
Chesterfield – 63005 Arnold – 63010
Chesterfield – 63017 Ballwin – 63021
Eureka – 63025 Fenton – 63026
Glencoe – 63038 Grover – 63040
Clayton – 63105 Richmond Heights – 63117
Webster Groves – 63119 Kirkwood – 63122
Ladue – 63124 Crestwood – 63126
Sunset Hills – 63127 Sappington – 63128
Oakville – 63129 University City – 63130
Town and Country – 63131 Olivette – 63132
Creve Coeur – 63141 Brentwood – 63144
Maryland Heights – 63146
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Parking Lot Repair

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